Thursday, January 26, 2012

Micah Schnabel - I'm Dead, Serious (2011)

If you were to ask me my “favorite currently-active rock band”, I would unquestionably say Two Cow Garage. And unlike many bands today that fall under the umbrella term of “rock,” that descriptor accurately fits, with them merging country twang and punk aggression with a fist-pounding intensity. In the past 10 years that the Columbus, Ohio-based band has been active, they have been constantly on the road touring, such that I have had the pleasure of seeing them a number of times. Each time impressing me with their stamina and energy as Micah Schnabel (guitarist, vocalist) and Shane Sweeney (bassist, vocalist) vaulted about the stage while drummer Cody Smith pounded the hell out of his drum kit. Two Cow Garage released their fifth album (Sweet Saint Me) in 2010, and last year both Micah and Shane released solo albums.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Song of the Week: Black Pyramid – Mercy’s Bane

After a few week’s respite, I am finally back with another Song of the Week. I first became aware of Black Pyramid while reading the excellent metal blog The Obelisk, which is primarily focused around Doom and Sludge metal. They were talking about their favorite albums of 2011, and listed Black Pyramid’s “II” as one of the albums they did not get the chance to listen to, but figured it would be a favorite if they had. I needed no better reason to check the band out.