Friday, July 29, 2022

Song Highlight: Chat Pile - grimace_smoking_weed.jpeg

Today is a special day for anyone enthralled by noisy and harrowing music, because it is the release date of Chat Pile’s first full length album, God’s Country. Chat Pile resurrect the churning noise rock menace of Big Black and the Jesus Lizard and combine it with the feedback-drenched sludge of Eyehategod. As I mentioned in my post about their song Dallas Beltway, Chat Pile have a knack for writing songs that are actually unnerving. They tackle subjects that are not uncommon to extreme metal bands, like murder and depravity, but they are able to present it in a way that does not feel exploitative. These are not subjects that they are presenting to seem edgy or “cool.” They are drawing attention to some of the wretchedness that festers in the United States of America, and society in general.