The thought of starting a blog documenting my enthusiasm for listening to music has been one that I have been kicking around in my head for a little while now. Though, the idea was continuously shelved, not knowing if I was qualified for the endeavor. Now, I can already hear you crying “it’s a blog for god’s sake, what qualifications do you need?” And while that is certainly a valid point, I still wondered whether I had anything worthwhile to say about the topic. Despite my enthusiasm for listening to music, I am not a musician myself, so I always questioned the relevance of what I might have to say. With my lack of any real musical knowledge, it seemed that any of my critiques would rest solely upon what sounded good to my ear.  As such, any reviews of my own would be limited to stringing together interesting descriptors and adjectives, in an attempt to skirt around the fact that my opinions were not based on what makes a complex or well put together album. How often can you use hackneyed phrases like “buzz-saw guitars” or “brutal” before they stop meaning anything?

It then occurred to me that the blog did not have to focus on reviewing albums. Why not have it be a means to help channel my excitement about music and pass it onto others? There are a plethora of great bands that never reach the ears of most people, no matter how much they deserve to be heard. What better an idea for a blog than to attempt to introduce people to worthwhile bands they otherwise may not have come across?

And I can think of no better band to first mention than the one from which the blog takes its name, Armchair Martian.