Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Cheap Girls - Daytrotter Session

Cheap Girls is a 3 piece band from Lansing, Michigan that play jangly rock songs in the same vein as the Gin Blossoms (meaning that it is excellent, if you are not familiar the Gin Blossoms). Beyond the infectious and catchy guitar driven nature of the songs, if you delve into the lyrics you will notice a great deal of self deprecating humor and cynicism, reminding me of the Gin Blossoms’ old albums (I much preferred when they were singing about failed relationships and smoking cigarettes, as opposed to the trite love songs on their latest album. But, I digress). In addition to the clever lyrics, vocalist Ian Graham’s voice is instantly recognizable, with its unexcited and apathetic tone, which helps to make the songs all the more memorable.

Cheap Girls just recorded a session for Daytrotter, where they played four songs from across their discography (which is admittedly small, at the moment). It is up for free download at Daytrotter. Do yourself a favor and listen to it, and then go see them in concert if they are in your area. They have a number of East Coast dates with Bomb The Music Industry in June.


  1. I am excited to see that they are getting more recognition. Funny I saw a comment Daytrotter's Cheap Girls session, saying that they found out about the band due to Suburban Home's one compilation. I imagine a lot of people found out of them because of it, I know I did.

  2. Yeah, I am glad I actually listened to that particular compilation. Makes me think I should probably listen to Suburban Home's other compilations, who knows what other great stuff might be lurking on them?

  3. I really liked "Find me a drink home". I will have to check this out. I also really like free stuff!