Saturday, March 2, 2013

Song of the Week: Trilobite - Catalyst

Trilobite is an instrumental sludge metal band from Florida, and “Catalyst” is the opening track from their debut EP Delusions of Grandeur.

I know what you are thinking. “Damn, Trilobite is a great name for a sludge metal band.” And you couldn’t be more right. What better image to go with the crawling and dejected sound of sludge metal than that of chitinous arthropods roaming in the murky depths of the Precambrian ocean?

“Catalyst” starts with an ambient post-rock solo guitar segment before lurching into pounding, down-tuned guitar riffage foreshadowed by 4 high hat strikes. After such a start, I don’t know how any fan of heavier music could not be nodding their heads in approval. While a lot of sludge metal releases tend to drag on, wallowing in their own misery, the songs on Delusions of Grandeur are quite succinct, and dare I say catchy. As such, the EP tears through its 24 minute run time, making it all but a necessity to start the EP over again.

Things have been relatively quiet from the band since Delusions of Grandeur’s release in 2011, with the band member’s focusing on their record label Ivory Antler. However, according to their facebook page, they have some new material in the works and might be recording in October of this year.

You can purchase Delusionsof Grandeur from Trilobite’s bandcamp page.

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