Sunday, December 11, 2011

Song of the Week: Black Cobra – Omniscient

Since this week marked the release of the Black Key’s new album, I was hoping that one of those songs would excite me enough to end up as my song of the week. And while the album is not bad, I think it sacrificed nuance and subtlety for catchiness. But, that is a topic for another time. The Song of the Week is from another two-piece band, which even have “Black” in their title! Black Cobra is a metal band from San Francisco, California that plays an abrasive and sludgy form of metal that borrows heavily from hardcore punk (mainly in the form of the shouted vocals). While most “sludge” metal is slow and plodding, Black Cobra’s music tears along at an extremely fast tempo, as if they decided to take only the fast parts from the genre that their music occupies.

They just released their 4th album, Invernal, through Southern Lord, but the song I have for you today is from their 1st album, Bestial. The vocals on Bestial have a murkier and grainer sound than that of their new album, and I think that lack of refinement makes it sound all the better.

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  1. A nice brooding, sludgy song. Black Cobra has been play a lot as the stumble through lab work recently...