Saturday, December 3, 2011

Song of the Week: Get Rad – Fuck Off Death

Much to the surprise of everyone, myself included, just a week after my last post, I have another one! Who knows, maybe this means I will be posting a song on a more weekly basis (as Song of the Week implies). But enough of that, today I have a song for you by a hardcore punk band from the Milwaukee, WI called Get Rad. What first attracted me to Get Rad was the awesome cover art for their album I Can Always Live, which is a parody of Michael Jackson’s Thriller.

And after looking at some of the song titles on the album, like “Bullshit Forcefield”, and “Fuck Off Death,” I was pretty certain I was in for a good time. Get Rad play an aggressive yet energetic style of hardcore punk that is more about having fun than being nihilistic and angry (a lot of hardcore punk these days takes itself far too seriously). I recommend that you give the song Fuck Off Death a listen. I think you will enjoy it.

You can stream the entire album from their bandcamp page, and if you are so inclined, buy the mp3s at whatever price you see fit.

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  1. This is not really my genre, but I am glad to see the continuation of the song of the week. I am also looking forward to your choice for album of the year!