Friday, August 3, 2012

Song of the Week: The Menzingers – Good Things

When I heard that the Bouncing Souls were coming through Pittsburgh on their current tour cycle supporting their new album, Comet, I knew that I had to make an effort to go see them. The Bouncing Souls were the first band that I ever saw in concert, it was right after my first year of college, and was in Baltimore at the Ottobar. And while I have not listened to the Bouncing Souls much in the last few years, I figured it would be nice to relive old times.

The Bouncing Souls put on a spirited and enjoyable performance, but it was one of the opening bands, the Menzingers, that really stole the show. I had seen the band name around a lot, but had never heard them. Their short set made me wish that I had listened to them sooner. They play a catchy and slightly aggressive style of pop-punk rock that had me banging my head in no time. The song “Good Things” really struck a chord with me, right from the opening line: “I've having a horrible time pulling myself together."

I promptly went home and found the song on youtube, and listened to it about 4 times. What better of a song to try to start the “Song of the Week” column back up again?


  1. The anthem of the summer! I have been having a horrible time!

  2. This is a great song, I like when they yell.

  3. Great post, these guys are awesome.