Thursday, August 16, 2012

Song of the Week: Xibalba – Laid to Rest

Xibalba was a band that I was only familiar with in name for awhile, one of the many hardcore bands that Southern Lord Records has started to sign. I was prompted to give them a listen this week due to the release of their new album, Hasta La Muerte (its awesomely old-school death metalish sort of album cover was one of the main things that drove me to listen to it).

After listening to “Laid to Rest,” I can tell you that they are a band that I will be giving more attention. This is some heavily down-tuned hardcore combining vibes of death metal and even a little doom metal, accompanied with the most unrelenting vocal fury.

A youtube commenter had this to say about one of the tracks from the album: "this song makes me feel like I could go skydiving with a parachute made out of concrete and survive unscathed." I think that seems very appropriate.

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