Sunday, January 6, 2013

Lotus Fucker - Forever My Fighting Spirit LP (2012)

Before I came across the band Lotus Fucker, my only real exposure to hardcore punk was from the classics of the genre (Black Flag, Minor Threat, etc.). And while those seminal bands were known for their raw intensity and aggression, I remember being thoroughly surprised by ugliness of Lotus Fucker’s music (complimented by an equally ugly band name), something that I was not accustomed to from my brief foray into the genre. Never before had I heard something so noisy and scathing. I eventually came to learn that they were influenced by Japanese hardcore bands (like Confuse), and that the underground hardcore punk community was thriving with similarly visceral and unpleasant sounding bands (I say this only in the most positive sense).

After the release of a 7” split with Penis Geyser in 2011, things seemed to go quiet on the Lotus Fucker front (or at least I didn’t hear anything about them, not that they get too much publicity to begin with). Fortunately, at the beginning of December last year, I got word that the band had just released their 2nd 12” record, Forever My Fighting Spirit. The record fits right in with the rest of their material, offering up 20 minutes of noise-drenched hardcore. Keeping in line with their other releases, the songs titles offer up more ridiculous zen nonsense (“Walk on Water, Run in Place,” “Berserk (Being Lost On The Road Of Life)”), and most of the recognizable lyrical content of songs comes from the singer simply screaming the song titles.

With the release of Forever My Fighting Spirit, it is safe to say that Lotus Fucker is back. And as if to make that fact all the more clear, tacked on to the end of the 9th song on the LP, “Berserk (Being Lost On The Road Of Life),” there an entire minute of the band yelling about “being the gods of noise” and about how “they are never going to stop.” It is hilarious and helps to make the record all the more enjoyable.

The album was released as a joint effort between three labels: Katorga Works, SPHC, and RSR. Katorga Works has even put it up for free download here. If you like what you hear, make sure to support the labels and the band by buying it.


  1. Berserk was possibly the funniest song of last year! Hope to see them in Baltimore sometime soon.

  2. Yeah,it cracks me up every time.

    Forever My Fighting Spirit was a good way to end 2012, and was amongst my favorite hardcore releases of 2012 (alongside Natural Law's Find the Flock).