Saturday, February 16, 2013

Son Volt – Hearts and Minds

Son Volt was one of two bands that helped me realize that country music had a lot worth liking (the other being Armchair Martian). It was singer Jay Farrar’s voice that first grabbed me and helped me come to terms with the mellow country sound, until I finally acquired a taste for it.

It has been 4 years since Son Volt released their last album, American Central Dust, which was a venture more into traditional acoustic folk/country than the rock & roll of some of their previous albums. On March 5th, Son Volt is releasing Honky Tonk, and from all I have read, it will be a continuation of the sound from American Central Dust.

Rolling Stone is streaming the song “Hearts and Minds” from the album, which you can listen to here. The song does not have the sorrowful and depressing tone that I particularly love about a lot of Farrar’s other music, but anything new from Son Volt is worth getting excited about.


  1. Yeah, the song does not have the brooding sadness I have come to love from most of Son Volts work, but it still sounds good. I am excited to hear some new stuff from them, and maybe see them in concert again!

    1. I am hoping the release of this album get them to go on larger tour, hopefully one that gets them near Pittsburgh. Son Volt has been high on my list of bands I want to see live for awhile now.