Friday, February 15, 2013

Song of the Week: Enabler – Live Low

I have to admit that I know very little about Enabler. They are a crust punk/metal band from Milwaukee that recently signed to the venerable Southern Lord Records. They have been on my mental list of bands to check out after seeing a lot of praise for their 2012 release, All Hail The Void.

The metal news blog Metal Sucks recently previewed a song from their upcoming EP, Shift of Redemption. The song is called “Live Low,” and is it one hell of an angry ride. Vocalist/guitarist Jeff Lohrber describes the song as his attempt to write the ultimate “fuck you” song. An admirable goal, and one that he very well may have obtained. The opening lines of “Fuck you. Fuck you forever!” certainly set the right tone. Head on over to Metal Sucks and see if you agree.

Shift of Redemption is being released on Think Fast! Records on April 9th on a 7”. Only 1,000 copies are being pressed, so don’t hesitate! Preorder it here.

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  1. "I can apply the lyrics in this song to many people in my life and I’m sure you can too." Priceless.